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General Pest Treatments

An effective treatment requires correct pest identification. Our technicians will identify your pest problems and apply the appropriate...

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Pre-Purchase Termite Inspections

Stewart's Pest Control provides Timber Pest Inspections in Accordance with Australian Standard 4349.3.All our Technicians are Timbe...

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Visual Termite Inspections

Stewarts Pest Control prides itself on the quality of work it carries out and providing the best service we can to our customers. All t...

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Termite Baiting

Baits: With products designed to be used inside or outside, monitoring stations can be used in almost any situation for the control of...

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Termite Barrier Treatments

Termite Prevention and Eradication What is a Termite Barrier? There are two types of termite barriers, a physical barrier, and a chem...

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Free On-Site Termite Assessment and Quote

Complete the form on the right and send it to Stewarts for your free on-site termite assessment and quote. We will give you a phone ca...

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