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Termite Barrier Treatments

Termite Barrier Treatments

Termite Prevention and Eradication

What is a Termite Barrier?

There are two types of termite barriers, a physical barrier, and a chemical barrier. A chemical barrier is when termiticide is applied around the perimeter of a building preventing termites from gaining access to the structure’s inside. This is done by drilling and injecting termiticide around the outside of the building or under the building, where accessible. A physical barrier is when is when a stainless steel mesh and other materials are inserted into the ground preventing termites from gaining access to the structure.

How to make a termite barrier?

Step One:
A full visual inspection must be carried out on the property, either on the day of the treatment or no longer than a month prior to the treatment, if termites have been active on the property. This should include the roof, inside of the building, subfloor (if applicable) and surrounding grounds within a fifty-meter radius of all visible areas.

Step Two:
If termites are found at the inspection the area, they must be treated by either dusting or baiting.

Step Three:
All concrete and pavers around the external walls of the building should be drilled or lifted.

Step Four:
The chosen product is then injected or trenched into the soil around the external walls of the building.

Step Five:
The stumps or foundations of the structure must be treated. If access is limited then the subfloor is flooded.

Step Six:
Holes in the concrete areas are plugged.

How to reduce Termite activity at your property?

There is no real way of preventing termites on your property. By having a barrier treatment done, it can help to protect the building from termite infestation. Termites are attracted to any wood in contact with soil (sleepers, trees, firewood, fences, etc). If you find any termites on the property contact Stewarts and we will send a Licensed Technician to your property to deal with the problem.

Our Termite Treatments

We ask that there is a one-meter clearance around the outside of the building. With most termite treatments we do, we ask that you and any pets be away from the property while we are applying the pesticide.  The Stewarts staff will be able to advise you on how long the treatment will take.

If you have any further questions or would like more information or a quote please contact us.