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Termidor Dust and Foam **Termidor Foam is a new product**

Termidor Dust and Foam **Termidor Foam is a new product**

Termidor dust and foam is a product in termite control and used in conjunction with Termidor Liquid treatments at an active property house it may prove to be very successful. It has arrived on the marked to replace Arsenic.

The Termidor Dust and Foam is applied and used by your Stewarts Operator in the same situations as what Arsenic was used, but Termidor Dust and Foam is much safer than Arsenic having a Schedule 5 rating and short residual life unlike arsenic that lasts forever. It is applied into areas that are active internal where a liquid residual chemical application is not possible.

Like Termidor Liquid it works the same by not being detected by the termites and through the unique Transfer Effect can return to the nest and kill of part of the nest or the entire nest depending on how much activity comes into contact with the treated areas.

The termites work through the dust unaware it is in the galleries. The dust particles sticks to the termite bodies and are transferred to other termites through grooming. Termidor not only kills termites through contact but also ingestion. Termites unknowingly ingest Termidor when they eat it and will die.

Termidor Dust and Foam is not designed and should not be used as a stand-alone treatment. It is highly recommended that a Subterranean Termite Barrier be applied to the building even if the termites in the house or at the property have been eradicated. This is to try and prevent future attacks. As there is no guarantee that the nest has been killed or that there are no other termite nests in the area.

If you have any questions regarding the Termidor Dust and Foam or the Termidor Residual Barrier Product, please contact Stewarts as we would be happy to help.