Rat & Mouse Bait Systems

Rat & Mouse Bait Systems

Protecta LP Rat & Mouse Bait Systems are used by professional Pest Controllers.

Protecta LP is a triangular shaped bait station that fits in corners and along walls where rodents travel. Its “Low Profile” makes it ideal to use indoors under shelving, in gardens and in other tight baiting locations. PROTECTA LP holds all types of bait, including BLOX that fit on horizontal and vertical bait securing rods. Patented interior baffles lead rodents directly to bait.

How the PROTECTA LP Mouse and Rat Bait Systems works

PROTECTA LP Mouse and Rat Bait Systems locks automatically when closed and unlocks with a special 2-prong key that also opens PROTECTA Mouse, PROTECTA RTU, and PROTECTA Pest Monitor. A one-piece liner makes cleaning and rebaiting easy.

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