Lockable Rodent Stations

Lockable rodent and mice stations

These are a triangular shaped bait station that fits in corners and along walls where rodents travel. Its “Low Profile” makes it ideal to use indoors under shelving, in gardens and in other tight baiting locations.  The lockable stations are perfect for outside use if you have cats or dogs.  Internal use to keep any bait away from children or pets.

Imiforce rodent and mice stations

Imiforce is the generic of Premise.  This is the only generic product that Stewarts Pest Control use.  Sherwood Chemicals the manufacture has carried out many tests and trials on this product and we believe Imiforce works as well as Permise.   Imiforce has no airborne residues, no odour and has a low toxicity. The termites cannot detect the chemical and are controlled through ingestion or contact. The termites that receive a low dose become disorientated and they cease grooming each other, therefore allowing natural fungi in the soil to affect the termites and they become diseased and die. Imiforce is a schedule 5, which is caution and is a soil treatment for termites that is not classified hazardous according to the criteria of Work Safe Australia. Although Imiforce is lethal to termites, its specific mode of action is much less hazardous for humans, pets and wildlife. It has the same active ingredients as a market-leading veterinary product applied to cats and dogs to control fleas. Imiforce is the only soil termiticide that does not require occupants to leave the house while the treatment is carried out. The chemical is injected at up to 300mm intervals around the structure and under suspended floors (if applicable). We would drill and inject where there is paved or concrete areas against the external walls.

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