Biflex termite treatment

Biflex termite treatment

Biflex is a synthetic pyrethroid modelled on Mother Natures very effective insecticide “pyrethrum” which is extracted from the pyrethrum daisy. Biflex works by killing active termites and repelling termites away from treated areas. It is insoluble in the soil, this means that once the chemical has dried and bonded with the soil it will not be leached away by rainfall or the watering of the lawns and gardens. The active ingredient has very low volatility, this means that you are not exposed to airborne residues after the treatment. At Stewarts we use Biflex Ultra-Lo-Odour (not a generic), which means that is has very low odour compared to some other products. The chemical is injected at  300mm intervals around the structure and trenched or flooded under the suspended floors (if applicable). We would drill and inject where there is paved or concrete areas against the external walls. The chemical can be applied at different concentrates. The higher the concentrate the longer the life span.

Why we use Biflex to Protect your Home?

Only professional pest control managers have the experience, knowledge and access to quality products to protect your home from treat of termite infestation and serious structural damage.

Biflex is effective at low concentrations:

Independant tests have shown that Biflex stops termites. We’d have to use at least ten to twenty times as much of some other termiticides to match the stopping power of Biflex. That’s a powerful advantage we know you’ll want.

We want your home to have long-lasting protection, and Biflex delivers it. In CSIRO field trials in Australia as well as other global trials, Biflex has provided outstanding termite control, compared to competitive products. Professional use of the product has been similarly successful.

Biflex won’t hang around in your home:

Its active ingredient has very low volatility. That means you’re not exposed to airbone residues after treatment and Biflex has very low odor compared to some other products.

You want termite protection to be as environmentally responsible as it is effective, and we agree. That’s another reason we’ve chosen Biflex from FMCas one of our options.

Finally, Biflex can be safely used to create termite barriers around vegetables and fruit trees because of its non-systemic features.

Professional termite protection is your only sensible choice. As professionals, we have confidence in Biflex.

The following important information applies to all termite barriers:

The Australian Standard AS 3660 Series Protection of Buildings from Subterranean Termites provides details for minimizing the risks to buildings from termite attack, and methods for treatment to control termite infestations.

The provision of a complete termite barrier will impede and discourage termite entry into buildings. It cannot prevent termite attack. Termites can still bridge or breach barriers but they can be detected more readily during routine inspections.

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