Perth Termite Barrier Treatment

Perth Termite Barrier Treatment

Termite barriers – chemical and physical treatments

Protecting your home from a termite invasion can be achieved through one of two termite barrier systems. The first is a chemical termite barrier. This is done by applying termiticide around the perimeter of a building as well as in accessible spaces underneath the building.

The second option is a physical barrier. This is when materials, including stainless steel mesh, are inserted into the ground to physically prevent the termites from entering.

These are the steps involved in making a white ant chemical barrier:

Step one:

A full visual inspection needs to be completed on the day of the treatment, or at least a month before. This inspection must include the roof, the building interior, the subfloor, if applicable, as well as the surrounding grounds within a 50-metre radius of all visible areas.

Step two:

If live termites are identified during this inspection the area, they must be treated by either dusting or baiting.

Step three:

All concrete and pavers around the external walls of the building should be drilled or lifted.

Step four:

The chosen termiticide is then injected or trenched into the soil around the external walls of the building.

Step five:

The stumps or foundations of the structure must also be treated. The subfloor will be flooded if access is limited to this area.

Step six:

The holes in the concrete areas are plugged.

In addition, we require a one-metre clearance around the building while we perform the treatment. We also request that homeowners and their pets leave their property during this process.

Even though a termite barrier treatment, might not guarantee complete prevention of an infestation, it does offer an effective termite protection method to help shield the building from these pests. If you find any termites on your property, contact Stewarts Pest Control and we will send one of our licensed technicians to your property to investigate further. Alternatively, you can call us on 086 220 7533.