Millipede Pest Control Perth

Millipede Pest Control Perth

Millipede infestation treatment Services

Although the Portuguese millipede is not poisonous, many of the species have glands that secrete fluids that are allergic and irritable to the human body. Some millipedes even have a defensive spray reaction that houses a hydrochloric acid with the capability of burning human skin and causing on-going discolouration. If this is enough to alarm you and your family’s, schedule an appointment with Stewart’s Pest Control and we’ll eliminate the risk as soon as possible.

These are centipedes and not insects, making them more closely related to crayfish, lobsters and shrimp. They are, however, land dwellers that thrive in environments with high humidity – places often occurring in homes around Australia due to our harsh climate. Millipedes can enter homes in large numbers during migration, making them a threat of serious infestation – and remember, they can bite.

Getting rid of Portuguese millipedes

Trying the get rid of this type of pest without help from an accredited professional is not advised, as the fluid they produce is especially harmful to the human eye. Once again, we do however provide a millipede catcher but this is also a problem that needs to be addressed at its core, which is something that only a qualified millipede pest control service can offer.

Leave millipede control up to Perth’s local specialists, with a sophisticated millipede infestation treatment that’s been built over many years. At Stewart’s Pest Control, we know exactly what we’re dealing with, as well as how to eliminate it. Our service is reasonably priced, effective every time, and structured around the satisfaction of our growing list of customers. Send us an email with your requirements and we’ll give you an obligation-free quote, or call us on 086 220 7533 to speak to a dedicated and friendly staff member.