General Pest Control Services Perth

General Pest Control Services Perth

Offering expert residential Eco-friendly pest control services in Perth

As a homeowner, you know just how annoying pesky pests can be! As a leader in the industry, we do too! This is exactly why we offer professional and comprehensive pest control services to all of our clients in Perth, Western Australia.

In addition to high levels of frustration, having a pest infestation can do both structural and decorative damage to your house, and even to your surrounding property. Yes, we’re looking at you termites! Some pests, such as silverfish will quickly eat through adhesives and even paper in their search for a moisture-rich environment. Other pests such as cockroaches even spread germs and bacteria, which can negatively affect your health.

There are plenty of methods to help prevent pest infestations, but even if you implement them, it does not always guarantee success. Luckily for you, Stewarts Pest Control is here to help!

The first step to evicting your unwelcome guests is to determine which pests are on your property through our pest inspection services, which are the best in Perth. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable technicians will find the pests at the source, ensuring complete eradication.

We offer a range of pest treatments to our clients. These include crack and crevice surface spraying, perimeter treatment, dusting and baiting. Our general pest treatments can remove spiders, cockroaches, silverfish and ants.

Our domestic pest control services in Perth include both interior and exterior treatments. Interior treatments include applying products that are, in general, odourless, non-staining and safe for both occupants and pets. We use only the best and most effective pest sprays in Perth, giving our clients peace of mind that we’ll be able to combat all of their pest problems.

Our interior natural pest control treatment methods include:

  • Surface spraying to the base of skirting boards;
  • Cupboards;
  • Cracks and crevices;
  • Dusting or using gels to electrical appliances;
  • Dusting voids.

Our exterior treatment products are longer lasting and therefore much stronger. However, they are still environmentally friendly, making them the ideal natural pest control option for homeowners in Perth. Our products will not harm plants, trees or animals.

Our methods include:

  • Surface spray to the perimeter of the house;
  • Eaves;
  • Gutters;
  • Downpipes;
  • Window frames;
  • Verandas;
  • Fences;
  • Sheds;
  • Paving;
  • Gardens;
  • Any other pest harbourages.

Our wide range of Eco friendly pest control services will help with all of your pest issues and infestations. If you’re looking for expert and effective pest treatment solutions in Perth, then look no further than Stewarts Pest Control!

Our professional approach, coupled with our experience in the pest control industry, will ensure that all of our clients receive only the best customer service, as well as the complete removal of all of their unwanted guests. Make your home your own again with Stewarts Pest Control.

If you would like a free quote, simply complete our contact us form, or give us a call on 086 220 7533. If you would like to meet the team, visit us at 33 Victoria Street, Midland, WA.