Carpet beetle pest control Perth

Carpet beetle pest control Perth

Carpet beetle removal Service

Stewart’s Pest Control is one of the most experienced pest control companies in Western Australia, with 60 years in the industry. This valuable time has equipped us with an ability to evaluate a wide range of infestations, before implementing effective applications with incredible attention to detail. We understand the importance of treating every area that poses a potential threat, without wasting time or materials.

Possibly one of the most difficult to detect, carpet beetles easily find their way into homes with an attraction to anything made from animal fibres. This includes wool, fur, silk, feather, felt and leather – giving them quite a lot to choose from. The only way of solving this problem sustainably is with an effective carpet beetle treatment from a professional service provider.

Our establishment has a long history of carpet beetle pest control in Perth. We know exactly what to look out for, with a variety of treatment methods on-hand. Our team of technicians underwent thorough training, but most importantly have a knack for the job and a true intention of alleviating problems related to pests – this is particularly evident in our carpet beetle removal.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – early detection can save you an unthinkable struggle and save you money by eliminating the risk of extensive infrastructure damage. Call Stewart’s Pest Control now on 086 220 7533 for an obligation-free quote, or start a conversation and we’ll respond with the knowledge and ability to solve your problem with pests.