Bee Pest Control Perth

Bee Pest Control Perth

Bee Removal Services

It’s safe to assume that we don’t need to explain the potential harms of bee and wasp infestations. Having a nest on your property not only gives you a responsibility, but puts you at risk of an attack in large numbers if they are disturbed. Do you have this problem? Tell us more and see how we can help today.

When it comes to bee removal, extra care needs to be taken in the transfer of the species, rather than the demolishment thereof. We all know the important role that bees play in the earth’s natural cycle, and this is something that needs to be respected – even when dealing with something that causes more headaches than smiles. Our technicians are highly-trained in the handling of bees, and have a great appreciation for the species. Thus, they take the upmost care when implementing a bee pest control service, no matter how big or small the problem.

Wasps are known to attack in numbers and can cause a serious threat to anyone with a relevant allergy. It is essential that one does not try to remove a wasp or bee nest without the help from certified professionals. At Stewart’s Pest Control, we take the future into account by making sure that infestations don’t take place again.

Speak to one of our team members now. We’ll get down to business with a thorough inspection, whether it’s in relation to our wasp or bee removal service. Give us a ring on 086 220 7533, or simply leave us a message with a breakdown of your requirements.